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The UC Merced Police Accountability Board (PAB) strives to promote accountability and to improve and strengthen trust and communication between the University of California, Merced community and the UC Merced Police Department (UCMPD).

Who We Are

The PAB is a civilian oversight committee charged by the Chancellor and comprised of UC Merced students, staff, and faculty who care about improving police accountability, reforming existing policies and procedures, and promoting greater confidence in policing. We believe the community should have a way to review the behavior of those whose duty is to serve and protect the public. To do this, our board broadly represents the diversity of the UC Merced community and operates independently from the UCMPD.

Why We Do This Work

As members of the community, we want to ensure the police department is transparent, accountable, and responsive to the needs of the community. We share the public's concern about police practices nationally. We strive to do our part to improve police-community relations at UC Merced. Our impartial, community-based oversight board provides an opportunity for the community to recognize good policing practices, as well as to shed light on conduct and processes in need of reform. Through our work, we hope to provide important public feedback to make positive changes at the UCMPD.

Why Your Voice Matters

The effectiveness of the Police Accountability Board relies upon community members speaking out about possible police misconduct. When you file a complaint or provide feedback about your experiences with the UCMPD, the PAB can more effectively address community concerns and make impactful recommendations to the Police Department.